Prosthodontics is the field of dentistry which focuses on the restoration and replacement of teeth. Its emphasis is on providing for the optimal oral health of the patient by focusing on their functional and aesthetic needs and concerns. The study of prosthodontics allows for a special understanding of the dynamics of a smile, the preservation of a healthy mouth and the creation of predictable and aesthetic tooth replacements.

This is accomplished by taking the time to do a complete oral examination to determine how well a patient’s entire oral system is working. The information gathered is used to ascertain the optimal treatment plan for a patient mindful of their personal desires and needs.

The restorative dentist will serve as the architect of the overall dental treatment plan and will involve other dental specialists as needed to optimize the treatment outcome. In these situations, the restorative dentist will serve as the patients advocate and advisor when directing treatment with a specialist.

Prosthodontics can be considered a discipline and a specialty in dentistry.

Dr. Hudson had been involved with the teaching of prosthodontics to students at New York University College of Dentistry for many years, has published original research in the field, is active as member (board member) of regional and national prosthodontic organizations and continues to teach a course in Professional ethics to the Postgraduate Prosthodontic Program at NYU.